the Distillery

La Valdôtaine is a small mountain distillery which draws its inspiration from these traditions, where fine old copper stills produce small batches of hand-crafted spirits.
Rare mountain botanicals are infused and then carefully distilled.
Our traditional alembics and the local Alpine ingredients and mineral-rich waters give the special mountain character.

The Valdôtaine
distilling process

To make really high-quality spirits we need to ensure that only the finest raw materials are used. 400kg of grape skins (vinaccia) are put into each of the traditional steam stills. Distillation lasts four hours and around 15 litres of spirits are collected slowly, drop by drop. These spirits are then kept in hermetically sealed containers to ensure perfect stability.

The steam is turned on and after about an hour the first distillate begins to emerge. The initial part (heads) is discarded. The middle part (core) of the distillate is collected and the steam turned off to ensure that the final, low-quality, part of the distillate (tails) is not distilled but removed, together with the spent vinaccia.

For spirits of the highest quality we use a bain-marie vacuum still. This makes it possible to lower the distilling temperature considerably, thus ensuring that each substance which has a positive effect on the organoleptic qualities is preserved. Spirits distilled using this technique have much more pronounced aromas.